Welcome to a new dimension of gaming

Welcome to Blink Galaxy, the premier distribution platform for games crafted by the ingenious minds behind Maniac Panda Games web3 studio. Brace yourself for an adventure into a new dimension of gaming!
With Blink Galaxy, we're bringing together our revolutionary game creations alongside a lineup of third-party titles. But that's not all - we're taking gaming to the next level by seamlessly integrating web3 technology into the mix.
Imagine a world where video games and web3 unite, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. Blink Galaxy acts as the ultimate bridge, enhancing your gaming experience with mind-boggling features. From digital transactions to the inclusion and extraction of assets like NFTs, or the introduction and withdrawal of tokens as
Galactic Quadrant, the main pillar of the economic ecosystem. Play, earn, own, trade, create, customize... The choice is yours!
Blink Galaxy: Powered by Players, Fueled by $GQ
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