Explore, Battle, and Obtain Resources

Command and send your soldiers on dangerous missions to collect resources and treasures, but remember, danger lurks out there!


Dangers and consequences for your soldiers performing missions

As you carry out missions, your soldiers will become fatigued. If their fatigue level falls below the minimum required to start a mission, you'll need to rest them first from the Rest Area before continuing exploring and battling.

You can assign equipment to your soldiers from the armory to increase their chances of success, but remember, weapons and armor need to be repaired at the workshop after several uses to remain effective. You can restore their durability from the Armory.

Exploring space comes with juicy rewards but also unexpected dangers. Before starting a mission, assess the death probabilities for your soldiers and equip them properly to increase their chances of success.

How does the death system work in missions?

  1. There are two possible outcomes based on the death percentage:

a. The risk of death does not trigger, and your soldiers are saved.

b. The risk of death has been triggered, and the survival of your soldiers will depend on their protection percentage, based on the equipment you have assigned to them.

For example, a soldier with a protection level of 40% and whose mission has triggered the "Death" state has a 60% chance of dying and a 40% chance of survival.


By completing missions, you'll obtain different rewards such as:

Necessary to initiate and complete higher-level missions.

It's the rank of your army, which you'll increase by completing certain missions. As you increase the rank, you'll gain access to higher-level missions.

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