Withdraw $GQ from Blink Galaxy

To be able to withdraw $GQ to Blink Galaxy, two steps need to be taken: Mint and Claim.

Minting in Blink Galaxy is a process that involves transferring tokens from your account in Blink Galaxy to the blockchain with the wallet assigned to your account as the destination. This procedure is carried out through a smart contract, which is responsible for generating the tokens on the blockchain. Once the tokens have been minted, they are available to start a claim process.

ℹī¸ To mint, it is necessary to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to ensure secure transactions and guarantee compliance with legal and regulatory norms.

Claiming on Blink Galaxy means transferring tokens that you have previously minted with your personal wallet as the destination.

Once the process is completed, you will receive the tokens in your wallet associated with your Blink Galaxy account.

ℹī¸ Please note that both the minting and claiming process may take some time to complete, and therefore, you will not receive the tokens instantly.

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