Resting Area

Recovering Strength

Rest is vital to ensure the survival of your soldiers on missions. Give them the rest they deserve before continuing with missions!

  • Lands: You can allow your soldiers to rest on your own land, but also on the land of other users as long as there are available spaces. The owners of the lands receive a commission percentage for providing this service.

Accelerating the Resting Process

  • Holdtel: First, you have to deposit one of your keys into the contract by clicking the "deposit key" button. After this, when you have a soldier resting, click on the "use" button under the key and select the soldier in the popup window. The soldier will then rest in the holdtel room, allowing them to rest more quickly.

If you own land but exploration missions are not your thing, you can still benefit from making your NFTs available to other explorers and receive a commission percentage each time someone uses your land for their soldiers to rest.

  • To start the rest of your soldiers, choose which soldier you want to put to rest and press "Rest"

  • Once the resting time is over, you can click on "Withdraw" to retrieve your soldier, who will then be available again for missions.

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