Importing an existing wallet

In case you are importing an existing wallet...

Enter the Secret Recovery Phrase that you were given when you created your wallet. If you initially generated your seed on a different wallet, it is usually possible to restore it for MetaMask usage as well.

Recovery Phrase: The seed phrase is a unique combination of words that allows full control of your funds. NEVER share it with anyone. If you lose it, you will lose access to your funds forever. KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE.

Securing your wallet

Here you will also be asked to choose a Password to protect access from your device. The password must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 8 characters

  • It is recommended to include an alphanumeric combination

  • Consider adding at least one special character for enhanced security.

Password: The password protects unauthorized access to your funds from the device. If you forget it, you can change it using the seed phrase.