🔏Safety Recommendations

You made it, adventurer! Exploring the galaxy is exciting but challenging. Here are some essential tips to help you navigate securely!

1. Write down the seed words for your wallet and store it safely offline.

2. Two copies of your seed phrase are always better than one. Just prepare for unexpected situations!

3. For added security, use a unique password for your wallet; something not even remotely similar to other passwords you use on other platforms.

4. Use hot wallets to interact and hardware wallets to safekeeping.

5. MetaMask and other wallets enable you to create multiple accounts (addresses) from the same seed. It's a good practice to use a different account exclusively for interacting with Dapps.

6. Never input your seed words on any website or form.

7. Keep your device updated.

8. Connect only to websites that you trust.

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