â›ŊFueled by $GQ

$GQ is the flagship token within the Blink Galaxy Ecosystem products and services. It serves as the fuel for transactions on Blink Chain and grants access to the tier system on Blink Galaxy Launchpad.

🎮 For Players

One token, countless histories to tell. Progress in your favorite game, dominate the economy of a planet and use your wealth to embark on your adventure in a new universe. Everything is interconnected thanks to Blink Galaxy!

👨‍đŸ’ģ For Game Developers

Integrate $GQ into your game and level up the user experience. Blink Galaxy provides all the necessary infrastructure to ensure that players only have to worry about gaming.

🤝 Decentralized Economy

Use $GQ to craft your arsenal, buy and sell items in the marketplace, or challenge other players in epic battles where you risk more than just honor.

Read more: https://blinkgalaxy.com/en/gq

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